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The Life Event Print™️

The Life Event Print™️

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The Life Event Print™️ dedicated to the moments you hold close to your heart whilst tracing the steps that have crafted your life thus far. Also perfect for gifting.
Please see last slide for event inspo/ideas
Peace of mind guarantee: Prior to shipping, you will be emailed a draft of your print. This needs to be approved before we can dispatch your order (to ensure it’s exactly how you want it!)
Illustrations are not based off images. We will do our best to incorporate illustrations to represent your journey. However if we find we can’t, we will present an alternative within the preview prior to shipping.
Please note, our illustrations revolve around the hands only. These illustrations are predrawn by an artist, therefore no drastic changes can be made. We do however to same sex illustrations, different skin tones and paw colours if requested.
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What is the current turnaround?

Our turnaround is 3 weeks. This applies to both digital and printed orders.
If you require your print/file sooner than this, feel free to purchase our Priority Fee here.

Linen V Glossy

Ah, a question we get asked frequently!
Glossy- Shiny and reflective. Your typical image paper. A smooth feel.
Linen- Our most popular. Matte and textured. A cotton feel.
See our Instagram highlight ‘printed’ for a closer look!